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Family services,
parenthood services,
child and adolescents services,
nutritional counseling


Taking care of the whole self, of our own family, the awareness of the mind-body integrity of the individuals: Clinica Dentale offers its patients a space to deal with moments of transition or difficulties, to take some time to think about themselves or to deal with theirselves and of its choices.

The service is in cooperation with the team of doctor Bellin and Associates studio. It gives a multidisciplinary service, where all the different specializations guarantee a suitable answer to all the stages of a person’s life: from childhood and adolescence, to adulthood, to old age.

In particular, they offer:

• Adulthood consult: anxiety disorder (hyperactivity, sleep disorder), mood disorder bruxism, addictions;

• Autogenic training exercise, hypnosis;

• Counselling and educational psychology for children and adolescents (hyperactivity, inattention, learning difficulties);

• Specialized speech therapy in cooperation with the Clinica dental care;

• Specialized nutritional service for adults and children.