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visual postural optometrist evaluation

View, posture and
stomatognatic system


Almost everybody is born with potentially good view and eyes, but their misuse can lead to many issues, both visual and postural.

Therefore, it is necessary to find the causes and potential solutions.

The main idea is to evaluate the different neuro sensory motor answers of the vision system with and without the use of variables that interact with the tonic postural system:

  • VAD test that evaluates the different perception in the two eyes, it identifies if the vision of the two eyes is functional, if there is astigmatism that can cause abnormal head position
  • Near point of convergence test that allows to quantify the distance at which both eyes can focus without double vision. It also tests all the possible variations with the use of an occlusal variable, for example the use of an orthodontic appliance
  • Visual postural sight test that evaluates the rest neuro-muscular position of the with and without the use of variables on the stomatognatic system. Any possible variation before or after treatment can be interpreted as reduction or improvement of the neuro-visual-postural tonic condition.