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osteopathy and dentistry

Osteopathic approach
in occlusal issues


Osteophaty is a manual therapeutic approach. Founded at the end of the 19th century from intuition of doctor Still that allowed to cure patients without the use of any medication. Osteopathy looks for mechanic, neurologic, chemical, energetic relationships inside the body to identify the source of any pain or dysfunction. Every little part of the body can move and work only through its connection to the others. Therefore, people look for the pain or disfunction location, as well as the source of general unbalance.

Somato-emotional osteopathy stresses the role of the brain to integrate the environmental stimuli and gives an emotional response. This response entails a physical body adaptation at all levels, and forces the body to compensate but that are not balanced. Through specific and pleasant techniques the mobility reduction, as well as the neurovegetative and vascular system inside connected with the somatization disappears. This will allow the chemical and energetic resources to self-regulate to find a new adaptation mode.

The therapist has to stimulate what is already naturally inside the body and to free the tension that prevent it to do its job. The osteopathic treatment can be used both by adults, children and teenagers.