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Il Dr Giancarlo Parise descrive il Team Diagnostico di Clinica Dentale


and intervention plan


“You can’t cure what you don’t know.” This is why you need prepared doctors to make the right diagnosis.

In dentistry, how long does a work last and the patients’ wellbeing are connected to how good the project is and so to a good diagnosis.

The diagnosis is the first and most important thing to do. It allows us to plan, and not to improvise, a treatment plan that can satisfy the customer’s need. In complicated cases, it is often necessary to make a complicated plan (as it happens when architects make the executive plan of a building to the detail). When we have to rehabilitate a mouth, it is necessary to study the prosthetic, implant or orthodontic case according to its difficulty.

Way too often patients or dental care specialists undervalue diagnosis. We believe so much in this, that we have built a diagnostic team. This cutting edge choice distinguishes and marks us.