Attentions that matter

Contact person


Clinica Dentale assigns you a contact person with which you can find the best solution for you, the one closest to your needs and requests. With your contact person you can go through your cure plan with a detailed and precise planning.

The contact person will be your guide. With them you will be able to define every single aspect of your cure plan. They will always be next to you!

Wide opening time


At Clinica Dentale, we treat your needs with the utmost availability. Our secretarial staff will walk you through your cure plan and follow you after that with care and expertise, next to our dentistry specialists.

12 hours a day, 12 months a year: Clinica Dentale is always there for you!

ER service


Outside the opening time and on closing days, our dentists are available to answer personally to your emergency calls at the following numbers:

Dr. Casarotto  » 380 9055822
Dr. La Bella » 348 3837434
Dr. Russo » 339 4239895
Dr. Parise » 347 4282850

If you live far


Clinica Dentale has got you!

Our patients who need complicated surgeries but live far from our studios can count on our secretary referent for logistic support. Our ADVISOR will take care of detailed care planning and of finding a suitable accommodation in our partner hotels, to make sure you can have a good stay, as well as high level cures.

Translation service


Clinica Dentale is an international clinic!
Our team staff can speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, Greek, Portuguese and Russian.

Work in progress


We are constantly evolving to give you a wider and wider range of services and equipment: Our staff is always following professional updating courses. Our plant are constantly renewed and updated with the most cutting-edge technologies.