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aesthetic medicine

Correction of
slight perioral


Getting older is natural, but it is important to do it well. Aesthetic medicine is just for this: correct or eliminate small blemishes on your face and body without surgery. Nowadays with just few procedures that imply minimum inconvenience and a very quick recovery you can erase your blemishes and give your skin the old shiny effect it has lost.

• Fillers: these substances fill in the wrinkles and improve the lips, face, breast and gluteus volume.
• Polyactyc acid: this substance is for the deeper wrinkles and the face volumes
• Biolifting: this treatment will give your skin back your tone and elasticity.
• Botox: this medication erases all the wrinkles, especially of the higher third of the face.
• Peeling: this treatment will rejuvenate your face skin.
• Mesotherapy: this treatment can be used against cellulite and adiposity.
• Laser treatment: resurfacing (rejuvenation of the face), hair removal, removing age spots and couperos treatment.
• Sclerotherapy: it eliminates all the teleangectases on your skin.

For more serious malformations or skin imperfections, it is available at Clinica Dentale for a consult of Plastic surgery.