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speech therapy

Speech therapy
to treat
atypical swallowing


Taking action before the growth potential of the kid ends can ease the restoration of a more balanced growth model.

Atypical swallowing is a swallowing model that is not physiological in who ch the tongue pushes against the teeth and not against the palate during the act of swallowing.

Main symptoms and signals in children and young people:
– oral breathing;
– labial incompetence;
– pronunciation defect (especially of S, Z, and R sounds);
– dental malocclusion;
– wrong resting position of the tongue (when the kid is resting, their tongue is between their teeth or leaned on them).

Sometimes there could be some connected oral defects (like nail biting, munching pens, sucking the tongue, continuous lips biting) and postural issues. Myofunctional speech therapy aims at resetting a proper swallowing scheme and the elimination of all symptoms.

The therapy includes a series of exercises to make daily in front of the mirror, using a special kit with some material essential for treatment. For example Froggy Mouth® is a lips appliance that, together with speech therapy, helps and eases the functional rehabilitation of the tongue position.