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Paediatric dentistry

Dental care
for kids


It takes care of the dental care of kids and teenagers. Its primary objective is to work on anxiety prevention: if a patient is used to undergo checks and cures without being afraid since their young age, they will have a non-anxious attitude towards the dentist and they will be more motivated to prevention.

Every kid is unique and needs a customized approach. There are many ways to put tiny patients at ease. Starting with a calm operator, a playful attitude of qualified artistic personnel, and conscious sedation with nitrous oxide – which is a demonstrated safe and effective method.

Anxiety, fear and stress are deleted, and instead we have a pleasant wellness feeling.

The paediatric dentist team is also next to the parents to inform them about a healthy diet and to fix any possible bad habits, like sucking the pacifier, the finger or the bottle.
During periodic checks the paediatric dentistry team will make sure the skeletal growth of the kid is harmonic or evaluate if there is the need of an orthodontic control.