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cure of bones
of the mastication


Migraine, cervical pain, vertigo, tingling in your hands: all these are distressing symptoms that can be due to the dysfunction of the temporal-mandibular joint. Gnathology takes care of this.

Like ortho takes care of bones and skeleton joints, gnathology takes care of the bones of the masticatory system (jaw, temporal bone, hyoid bone) and of the joints connected with them ( temporal-mandibular joint and
dental joint or occlusion).
Considering the occlusion – the proper bite fitting – an articulation shows why a dentist takes care of gnathology, and why they have to be competent in posturology – the branch that studies the relationship between joints and muscles to determine an optimal posture.
The activity of postural muscles is influenced by other aspects (brain, psyche, structure): this is why it is important to make the most reliable diagnosis possible. Nowadays, holistic medical Kinesiology is a reliable and non-invasive investigation tecnique that allows to find the primary cause of postural problems and consequently a proper care.