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Prevention and oral care

Cleaning and removal
of plaque and calculus


It has never been so true that prevention is better than cure: removing plaque and calculus is the best way to avoid diseases and problems with your oral cavity.

Daily care of dental care is extremely important, but in some cases bacteria are so deep that it is no longer possible to remove them with the routine dental care at home. Then, you will need a dental hygienist that with professional tools can get to the deeper areas and cure periodontitis with a non-surgical procedure divided in different steps.

• Information about how to use home tools correctly (mouthwashes, brushes), and on brushing techniques.
• Removal of infectuous factors ((tartar, bacteria, bacterial toxines) and of necrotic and infected root cement e del cemento radicolare necrotico e contaminato (root scaling).
• Conservation of the objectives that have been reached.


Our smile is our business card. It is what people first see about us, and that they will unconsciously judge. This is why a perfect and shiny smile is the secret to live your social life at ease. Nowadays, teeth whitening is more and more requested and we answer to these new requests with cutting-edge technology, highly qualified personnel and high specialization.