All in one Clinic

Multidisciplinary approach

Joining competences is Clinica Dentale’s strength

Clinica Dentale offers you a complete and modern service, that involves all the fields of modern dentistry, all in one place. From diagnosis to cure, you will not have to move. This means no moving, shorter time for cure, less expenses … and more time to smile!
Our multidisciplinary approach involves a constant choice of professional partners from different scientific, medical and paramedical disciplines. Regardless of their different specialties, all and each of these people share Clinica Dentale’s mindset.

Internal laboratory

Our Internal laboratory allows us shorter waiting time for a fast and efficient service. Our patient have the chance to have their dental prosthetics in one day reducing the number of medical sessions.

Patient discharge

At the end of every surgery we recommend the patient to have some rest and wait a couple of hours before getting back to their daily routine. To ease their hospital stay our patient can use some comfortable and well-equipped rooms that will allow them to relax and to be carefully monitored by our healthcare assistants at the same time

Space for kids

Clinica Dentale has always paid special attention to its tiny patients: some of our initiatives and services have been made just to make their stay in the studio more comfortable and happy. Moreover, we want to help them to be more at ease with a field of medicine that often scares them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

We care about making your kids feel at home since the first time they come to Clinica Dentale. This is why there will be the tooth fairy to welcome them, and with game and creativity walks the kids in the world of dental care cheerfully and without fear.


The mission of Clinica Dentale is to protect your health, keeping into account the specific need of each and every person. In order to do so, we complete our services with prevention methods, conventional or natural treatment.

At Clinica Dentale you will be able to find a parapharmacy service, where you will find all the products that can help you through recovery after dental care with the advice and supervision of a graduated pharmacist.

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