About us/Story

Clinica Dentale is the result of a long journey, of passion dedication, experience and research.

A journey with steps and objectives. The first studio was founded in Grancona in 1987, and now we are aiming at opening new studios in Italy and abroad.
Four good friends, that have built a solid relationship over time;
Four professionals, that have acquired a three-decade-long experience in their field;
Four founding partner, that have built a Clinic based on excellence, efficiency and continuous innovation.

One objective: opening a modern centre where empathy and warmth go together with experience, competence and attention for detail.

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The journey of Clinica Dentale

Mission & Vision

You come first with your story, your needs, your requests, and with the smile we want to take care of.

Clinica Dentale starts from here: from a shared PASSION and from the guarantee of EXCELLENCE to every patient.
Medical talent, daily training, attention to detail: these are the pillars of Clinica Dentale that defend the health of our patients… Because a good smile is not built random!

Clinica Dentale srl started from the shared passion for dentistry. By that we mean an organized system that can give the best service and the best performances. Our objective is to give almost excellent results to the widest audience possible.

We invest and innovate to reach our goal: good quality at a fair price. “There is true democracy only when innovation is available for a wide audience” H. Ford.

Our customer satisfaction will make them our testimonials with their relatives and friends. We will do our best not to disappoint them.